Uddhav Bharany


Uddhav has been honing his skills in high value asset sales for the past 15 years spanning Asia, Europe and North America. It was his move to Vancouver that married his expertise in sales with his passion for real estate. His strong work ethic, outgoing personality, and willingness to learn drove his rise in the industry. Fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu and a strong grasp of Punjabi, he works with a diverse group of clients.

Uddhav’s key asset is listening to his clients needs and finding solutions that best fits their personality. Once he understands his clients preferences he gets to work finding the best options available, providing in-depth market research and knowledge, implementing tailored marketing strategies, leading contract negotiations, and finally closing the deal according to his clients wishes. 

Always willing to go the extra mile, Uddhav provides a real estate service that is unparalleled. Whether it is to stay up to date with current market trends or for more complex real estate solutions, contact him for a service that fits your needs.




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